What’s New: May 2018 Recap

Thought I’d try my hand at a monthly recap since so much has happened, and the days seem to be flying by. I mean, it’s June already! Half the year is gone!

In May, Andrew’s mom moved to California, my brother passed his driver’s test (watch out, drivers of New York!) and we did some hiking and exploring locally. You could also find me…

Eating… Lots of home baked goodies (especially since I have a new shortcake recipe), tikka masala, bubble tea, sushi, and a lot of junk food. We’ve been terrible about eating at home this month.

Buying… new furniture! We spent this month making our apartment a bit cozier and more functional — we finally got a new coffee table (this one) that doesn’t dominate the space in our little living room area! I’m in love with it because I hate clutter, and the top lifts up revealing additional storage. We also scored some new stuff for the apartment, like this cute cookie jar, when Andrew’s family was cleaning out some stuff, and we bought a new headboard/bedframe. I’m hoping to finally put the bedroom in order, so be on the lookout for a bedroom makeover post in the next few… months.

Stressing… We had an emergency vet visit in May. Chloe (our border collie/cattle dog mix) and Rosie (resident diva kitty) had a little tussle. They usually get along wonderfully, so it was very surprising. Rosie’s all healed up now (albeit a little more skittish and less likely to tease the dog), but I was stressing because it was a head wound, and I had to give her antibiotics every 12 hours and making sure she kept her cone on. At one point I thought I lost her, but she had actually just figured out how to get onto the top shelf in the closet to cozy up in the sweaters (see below).

Procrastinating… sewing projects. I have to finish the binding on my sampler quilt (still) but it’s hand sewing and I’m just not motivated, haha. Also have to shorten some curtains for Andrew’s brother’s room, and I bought the cutest watermelon print fabric for some summery zippered pouches. It’s all been sitting on my sewing table waiting for me.

Anticipating… a big fat paycheck. OK, so it’s not gonna be that much, but I wrapped up several editing projects in May, so I’m excited to see that check in the mail sometime in June. Mama’s got bills to pay.

Reading… Julie and Julia. Since I spent a good part of May finishing up several editing projects, I didn’t do almost any recreational reading. So now that I have a little break, I picked a used copy up from Lamplight Books at Pike Place Market. I haven’t gotten too far, but I’m really enjoying it. My reading-for-fun goal is a measley 20 books this year, but I’m still running behind. You can friend me on Goodreads to see what’s on my bookshelves.

Watching… Instagram stories. I’ve been trying to engage more on social media since I’ve started this blog, but those Instagram stories, man. What a time suck. (You can also add me on Insta to see what I’m up to almost daily!)  I also saw Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. I thought they both were great, but gahhh, Avengers was intense! Have y’all seen it yet?

Planning… We booked our flight to Iceland! We’re going the first half of September and I’m so excited! Iceland has been number one on my dream travel list for almost a decade now — Seriously, I wrote an article about it for my travel class back as a junior in college (wow, I feel old saying that). We’re spending 12 days there, and Andrew did an amazing job finding decently priced non-stop flights there and back! I’ve been pinning so many travel articles to my Iceland Pinterest board. Stay tuned for more (and give me your recommendations) as we finalize our plans!

This month was a roller coaster of emotions.  Here’s to hoping for a more low-key and relaxed month in June!

Thanks for reading!


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